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~$ knife bootstrap -t /Users/juliandunn/devel/gh/juliandunn/chef/lib/chef/knife/bootstrap/templates/chef-full.erb -x u0015280 --sudo -N l5a1vp008_pub
Please report a bug if this causes problems.
Creating new client for l5a1vp008_pub
Creating new node for l5a1vp008_pub
Connecting to
u0015280@'s password: -----> Installing Chef Omnibus (-v 12) downloading to file /tmp/ trying perl... Downloading Chef 12 for aix... downloading to file /tmp/ trying perl... url md5 c389ada16bc67d8717116254c14a780e sha256 d7e183770ae9dd1356eb30a3b1e7689c24c9af8c089f8a1a7f9b22e97950a4fb downloaded metadata file looks valid... downloading to file /tmp/ trying perl... Comparing checksum with shasum... Installing Chef 12 installing with installp... +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ Pre-installation Verification... +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ Verifying selections...done Verifying requisites...done Results... SUCCESSES --------- Filesets listed in this section passed pre-installation verification and will be installed. Selected Filesets ----------------- chef # The full stack of chef << End of Success Section >> +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ BUILDDATE Verification ... +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ Verifying build dates...done FILESET STATISTICS ------------------ 1 Selected to be installed, of which: 1 Passed pre-installation verification ---- 1 Total to be installed +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ Installing Software... +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ installp: APPLYING software for: chef Restoring files, please wait. 12711 files restored. Thank you for installing Chef! Finished processing all filesets. (Total time: 2 mins 10 secs). +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ Summaries: +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ Installation Summary -------------------- Name Level Part Event Result ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- chef USR APPLY SUCCESS chef ROOT APPLY SUCCESS Starting first Chef Client run... [2015-06-25T12:50:04-05:00] WARN: Please install an English UTF-8 locale for Chef to use, falling back to C locale and disabling UTF-8 support. Starting Chef Client, version 12.3.0 resolving cookbooks for run list: [] Synchronizing Cookbooks: Compiling Cookbooks... [2015-06-25T12:50:15-05:00] WARN: Node l5a1vp008_pub has an empty run list. Converging 0 resources Running handlers: Running handlers complete Chef Client finished, 0/0 resources updated in 10.909949 seconds
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