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jQuery Plugin to resize text to fit container
(function($) {
$.fn.textfill = function(maxFontSize) {
maxFontSize = parseInt(maxFontSize, 10);
return this.each(function(){
var ourText = $("span", this);
function resizefont(){
var parent = ourText.parent(),
maxHeight = parent.height(),
maxWidth = parent.width(),
fontSize = parseInt(ourText.css("fontSize"), 10),
multiplier = maxWidth/ourText.width(),
newSize = (fontSize*(multiplier));
ourText.css("fontSize", maxFontSize > 0 && newSize > maxFontSize ? maxFontSize : newSize );
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ADParris commented Dec 2, 2012

This is nearly perfect. Any idea how to keep the a title in two words during the auto re-sizing? What I mean is... Say my title is "The End". At first it re-sizes to the width of the container perfectly but then when you re-size the browser it becomes "The" on top of "End"(word wrap activates). I'd like the re-size to remain "The End".

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ADParris commented Dec 2, 2012

CSS did the trick, sorry I would have deleted my comment but they don't appear to allow that here.

white-space: nowrap;

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