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Created July 28, 2023 14:11
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Here’s a detailed example of how a cybersecurity incident might be represented in XBRL format.
<us-gaap:DocumentType contextRef="DisclosureDate">8-K</us-gaap:DocumentType>
<us-gaap:DocumentPeriodEndDate contextRef="DisclosureDate">2023-07-28</us-gaap:DocumentPeriodEndDate>
<us-gaap:EntityRegistrantName contextRef="DisclosureDate">XYZ Corporation</us-gaap:EntityRegistrantName>
<us-gaap:EntityCentralIndexKey contextRef="DisclosureDate">0001234567</us-gaap:EntityCentralIndexKey>
<us-gaap:MaterialEvent contextRef="DisclosureDate" id="MaterialEvent1">
<us-gaap:EventType contextRef="DisclosureDate">Cybersecurity Incident</us-gaap:EventType>
<us-gaap:EventDate contextRef="DisclosureDate">2023-07-28</us-gaap:EventDate>
<us-gaap:EventDescription contextRef="DisclosureDate">The Company identified a material cybersecurity incident that resulted in unauthorized access to the Company's internal systems. The Company's Incident Response Team detected unusual network activity and immediately initiated an investigation with the assistance of third-party cybersecurity experts. Some customer data may have been accessed, including names and email addresses. There is no evidence at this time that any financial information or social security numbers were accessed.</us-gaap:EventDescription>
<us-gaap:EventImpact contextRef="DisclosureDate">The Company is still assessing the financial impact of the incident, but it could be material. The Company carries cybersecurity insurance and is in the process of making a claim.</us-gaap:EventImpact>
<us-gaap:EventResponse contextRef="DisclosureDate">The Company has taken immediate steps to contain the incident and is working closely with cybersecurity experts to further secure its systems. The Company has also notified law enforcement and will cooperate fully with any investigation. The Company is in the process of notifying potentially affected customers and will offer them credit monitoring services free of charge.</us-gaap:EventResponse>
<us-gaap:EventBoardRole contextRef="DisclosureDate">The Company's Board of Directors and executive management are actively overseeing the response to the incident and have engaged external legal counsel to advise on disclosure and other legal obligations.</us-gaap:EventBoardRole>
<us-gaap:Signature contextRef="DisclosureDate">
<us-gaap:SignatoryName contextRef="DisclosureDate">John Doe</us-gaap:SignatoryName>
<us-gaap:SignatoryTitle contextRef="DisclosureDate">Chief Executive Officer</us-gaap:SignatoryTitle>
<us-gaap:SignatoryDate contextRef="DisclosureDate">2023-07-29</us-gaap:SignatoryDate>
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