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Forked from matchaxnb/regenerate-images.php
Created August 29, 2016 14:12
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Regenerate images in Prestashop from command line
define('_PS_ROOT_DIR_', '/path/to/prestashop/root');
define('_PS_ADMIN_DIR_', _PS_ROOT_DIR_.'admin_folder');
class Employee2 extends EmployeeCore
public function isSuperAdmin()
return true;
public function isLoggedBack()
return true;
class AdminImagesController extends AdminImagesControllerCore
function regenerate()
$this->_regenerateThumbnails('all', true);
$context = Context::getContext();
$context->employee = new Employee2(1);
$aic = new AdminImagesController();
echo "Starting regeneration\n";
echo "Done regenerating\n";
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Great job!
Could you update the script for prestop 1.7.6.x?

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