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Created May 23, 2017 17:17
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[Magento2] Make sure image are served from /pub/media AND /media
# If your Apache already serve request from the /pub dir
# This will allow malformed URL to reach their destination.
# Alias /pub the pub/ dir on disk
# Replace path with your actual path
Alias "/pub" "/var/www/public/pub"
location /pub/ {
alias /var/www/public/pub;

If you use Magento from the root dir you might want to make sure all your images url are valid. There are some known issue with this but it's generally considered a good practice.

Maybe you have image path like instead of

The best way to fix this is to tell your server to ignore the /pub in the URLs. Do not set redirection!

Find above the lines to add to your server configuration.

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Hi, you're missing a trailing slash on that nginx config;

location /pub/ {
alias /var/www/public/pub/;


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