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Last active May 5, 2024 23:02
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Benchmark script
import time
import numpy as np
import torch
from transformers import pipeline
def benchmark(pipeline, data, iterations=1000):
# Warmup
for i in range(100):
result = pipeline(data)
times = []
for i in range(iterations):
tick = time.time()
result = pipeline(data)
tock = time.time()
times.append(tock - tick)
return "{:.2f}".format(np.mean(times) * 1000), "{:.2f}".format(
np.percentile(times, 99) * 1000
sentence_short = "This is a really nice pair of shoes, I am completely satisfied with my purchase"
sentence_short_array = [sentence_short] * 8
sentence_long = "These Adidas Lite Racer shoes hit a nice sweet spot for comfort shoes. Despite being a little snug in the toe box, these are very comfortable to wear and provide nice support while wearing. I would stop short of saying they are good running shoes or cross-trainers because they simply lack the ankle and arch support most would desire in those type of shoes and the treads wear fairly quickly, but they are definitely comfortable. I actually walked around Disney World all day in these without issue if that is any reference. Bottom line, I use these as the shoes they are best; versatile, inexpensive and comfortable, without expecting the performance of a high-end athletic sneaker or expecting the comfort of my favorite pair of slippers."
sentence_long_array = [sentence_long] * 8
models = ["distilbert-base-uncased", "bert-base-uncased", "roberta-base"]
for model in models:
print(f"Benchmarking {model}")
pipe = pipeline("sentiment-analysis", model=model)
result = benchmark(pipe, sentence_short)
print(f"Transformers pipeline, short sentence: {result}")
result = benchmark(pipe, sentence_long)
print(f"Transformers pipeline, long sentence: {result}")
result = benchmark(pipe, sentence_short_array)
print(f"Transformers pipeline, short sentence array: {result}")
result = benchmark(pipe, sentence_long_array)
print(f"Transformers pipeline, long sentence array: {result}")
from import inference_mode
with inference_mode(pipe, dtype=torch.bfloat16, jit=True) as opt_pipe:
result = benchmark(opt_pipe, sentence_short)
print(f"Optimum pipeline, short sentence: {result}")
result = benchmark(opt_pipe, sentence_long)
print(f"Optimum pipeline, long sentence: {result}")
result = benchmark(opt_pipe, sentence_short_array)
print(f"Optimum pipeline, short sentence array: {result}")
result = benchmark(opt_pipe, sentence_long_array)
print(f"Optimum pipeline, long sentence array: {result}")
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