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Nuke corner pin to matrix
# and here is the script in case anyone is interested :)
import nuke
def getTheCornerpinAsMatrix():
projectionMatrixTo = nuke.math.Matrix4()
projectionMatrixFrom = nuke.math.Matrix4()
theCornerpinNode = nuke.selectedNode()
imageWidth = float(theCornerpinNode.width())
imageHeight = float(theCornerpinNode.height())
to1x, to1y = theCornerpinNode['to1'].value()
to2x, to2y = theCornerpinNode['to2'].value()
to3x, to3y = theCornerpinNode['to3'].value()
to4x, to4y = theCornerpinNode['to4'].value()
from1x, from1y = theCornerpinNode['from1'].value()
from2x, from2y = theCornerpinNode['from2'].value()
from3x, from3y = theCornerpinNode['from3'].value()
from4x, from4y = theCornerpinNode['from4'].value()
theCornerpinAsMatrix = projectionMatrixTo*projectionMatrixFrom.inverse()
return theCornerpinAsMatrix

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ghost commented Oct 5, 2015

Hi dude... this is gonna be very very useful to me ... Thanks a lot.

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