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Select a random picture file
# Name: module1
# Purpose:
# Author: JULIO
# Created: 24/08/2014
# Copyright: (c) JULIO 2014
# Licence: <your licence>
#!/usr/bin/env python
import os, shutil, re
import random, datetime, time
ext2conttype = {"jpg": "image/jpeg",
"jpeg": "image/jpeg",
"png": "image/png",
"gif": "image/gif"}
def content_type(filename):
return ext2conttype[filename[filename.rfind(".")+1:].lower()]
def isimage(filename):
"""true if the filename's extension is in the content-type lookup"""
filename = filename.lower()
return filename[filename.rfind(".")+1:] in ext2conttype
def random_file(dir):
"""returns the filename of a randomly chosen image in dir"""
images = [f for f in os.listdir(dir) if isimage(f)]
return random.choice(images)
if __name__ == "__main__":
choosen = '/Users/julio/Documents/mis_moviles/london.jpg' # CHANGE1 : where you put the choosen picture
dirroot = '/Users/Shared/fotos' # CHANGE2 : where you have all your pictures to choose
logfile = '/Users/julio/Documents/06-zaprogramas/python/personal/random_picture.log' # CHANGE3 : where you save your log
namefiexclusions="/Users/julio/Documents/06-zaprogramas/python/personal/random_picture_imac_exclusions.txt" # CHANGE4 : where you put exclusions file=folders to exclude
elegidofile = ''
images = []
exclusions = []
if os.path.exists(namefiexclusions):
for (path, dirs, files) in os.walk(dirroot, topdown=True):
for name in files:
if isimage(name):
#print name
fullname = path + '/' + name
toinclude = 1
for ex in exclusions:
if fullname.find(ex)>-1:
toinclude = 0
if toinclude:
images.append(path + '/' +name)
if len(images)>0:
elegidofile = random.choice(images)
if elegidofile<>'':
shutil.copy(elegidofile, choosen)
fcual = open(logfile,'a')
ahora ="%d-%m-%Y %H:%M")
fcual.write(ahora + chr(9) + elegidofile + '\n')
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juliobm commented Mar 5, 2015

with exclusions directories

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