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Javascript: Remove duplicates of multidimensional array
// for browser using, this code requires javascript 1.7+
var arr = [
{ foo: 'bar', lorem: 'ipsum' },
{ foo: 'bar', lorem: 'ipsum' },
{ foo: 'bar', lorem: 'ipsum dolor sit amet' }
arr = // convert to JSON string the array content, then reverse it (to check from end to begining)
.filter(function(item, index, arr){ return arr.indexOf(item, index + 1) === -1; }) // check if there is any occurence of the item in whole array
.reverse().map(JSON.parse) // revert it to original state
console.log(arr); // [ { foo: 'bar', lorem: 'ipsum' }, { foo: 'bar', lorem: 'ipsum dolor sit amet' } ]

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jack-fdrv commented Dec 29, 2019

Works. thanks bro

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