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Last active February 6, 2023 02:28
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n=256;q,t,m,e,p,c,f=(range(n),16,lambda x
,y, r=0:m((h:=x <<1,h^283)[
h&n!= 0],y>> 1,(r,r ^x)
[y&1])if y else r,lambda
a,w= 1,p=n -2:e(m(a, a),(w,m
(w,a))[p&1] ,p>> 1)if p
else w, lambda b: list
(map (print, ["%.2x "*t %(*b[r:r+
t],)for r in q[::t]]+[""])),lambda a,i:(a
<<i|a>>8-i)&255,lambda a:(a^c(a,1)^c(a,2)
^c(a,3)^c(a,4))^99);p(s:=[f(e(i))for i in
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juliusgeo commented Jan 4, 2023

This is in code golf style, so priority is terseness. This program is only 512 bytes, which means it is the same amount of code compared to just storing a lookup table for the two boxes. More details can be found on Wikipedia

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