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What would you like to do?


Here are my goals that I would like to accomplish over the next year.

Goal #1 - Become proficient in JavaScript and its ecosystem

  • Currently, I have a decent grasp over the language. There are still some ES5 methods I am not familiar with and ES6 is hit or miss with what I know. The JS ecosystem is still something I'm getting used to (npm) and using a tool like webpack is still tough to wrap my head about.
  • Success would be fully understanding all the little quirks of JS and keeping up with the latest version of the language. Being able to structure modern client side applications using webpack and taking advantage of npm. Also, I would like to become fairly proficient with building out API's with Node.
  • Resources for learning:
  • Mentors:
    • Steve Kinney
    • Lovisa
    • Dinosaur.js
    • Full Stack
    • ReactJS
    • DenverScript
  • Ideas:
    • Building out my personal site using React
    • Application taking advantage of RTC using WebSockets
    • Documenting car culture
    • Porting old applications over to client heavy application
  • Lightning talk ideas
    • Understanding React
    • Implementing React Router
    • Using Redux with React
    • ES6 and Beyond
    • Building out API's with Node, Express, ...
  • Open Source Projects
  • JavaScript is my first love. I enjoy writing JS and the communitiy behind it and would love to work on JS applications.

Goal #2 - Building Professinal Rails API's

  • Currently, I can build out RESTful API's that take advantage of serializers
  • Succes would look like me being able to build out fully tested, json::api complient API's. This would also include generating API keys, authenticating users, etc...
  • Resources for learning:
  • Mentors:
    • Josh Mejia
    • Denver.rb
    • Turing?
  • Ideas
    • Building out an API for city crime data (Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit, etc...)
    • Building out an API for cars (yes, literally all of them)
  • Lightning talk
    • Building a Rails API according to json::api specs
    • Interfacing with a json::api complient API with React
  • Open Source Projects
  • This goal will allow me to serve up my own data and interact with that data using client side code. Also, API's are a big thing and many appliacations use API's to build out there applications.

Goal #3 - Learn Data Structures & Algorithms

  • Just kind of getting started. Have been digging into Big O notation recently.
  • Knowing many of the common algorithms and data structures used in CS along with being able to implement them in Ruby and JS
  • Resource for learning
  • Mentors:
    • Not a clue.
  • Ideas:
    • Learning a data structure and implementing it.
    • Learning an algorithm and implenting it.
  • Lightning talks
    • Data Structures and Algorithms for Code School students
  • I want to have a solid grounding in CS fundamentals to help propel me to dive deeper into programming.
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