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[ youtube-dl ] My most succesful config for all-round best codecs and quality
-f "bestvideo[height>=1080]+251/bestvideo[height>=1080]+bestaudio/bestvideo[height>=720]+251/bestvideo[height>=720]+bestaudio/137+bestaudio/136+bestaudio/bestvideo+bestaudio"
# Note that I output to an MKV container, despite the fact that shitty devices will not play some files
# or still don't support Opus, it *is* the highest quality available:
# I use Daum Potplayer, which plays them all perfectly fine:
--merge-output-format mkv
# Save all videos under j:\arch\
-o 'j:\arch\%(title)s_%(upload_date)s.%(ext)s'
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