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Last active March 30, 2024 23:40
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Browsing git commit history with fzf
# fshow - git commit browser (enter for show, ctrl-d for diff, ` toggles sort)
fshow() {
local out shas sha q k
while out=$(
git log --graph --color=always \
--format="%C(auto)%h%d %s %C(black)%C(bold)%cr" "$@" |
fzf --ansi --multi --no-sort --reverse --query="$q" \
--print-query --expect=ctrl-d --toggle-sort=\`); do
q=$(head -1 <<< "$out")
k=$(head -2 <<< "$out" | tail -1)
shas=$(sed '1,2d;s/^[^a-z0-9]*//;/^$/d' <<< "$out" | awk '{print $1}')
[ -z "$shas" ] && continue
if [ "$k" = ctrl-d ]; then
git diff --color=always $shas | less -R
for sha in $shas; do
git show --color=always $sha | less -R
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@melkster Actually there is a project called forgit, which does something similar based on fzf and is available as a zsh plugin.

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mawkler commented Mar 3, 2022

@carlfriedrich Interesting, I'll check it out!

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@melkster FYI I edited my post above with an updated version, adding a git-fuzzy-diff command which shows a diff for each changed file separately.

I think one could plug this into forgit, if it would allow for customizing the preview command, which is not possible at the moment. I created an issue for that. If you are interested in that as well, maybe you could add a comment there to show that I'm not the only person who might want this. :-)

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slerer commented Apr 23, 2023

@Frederick888 I'll check it out later. My use-case is actually different , I'm looking to use fzf to find commit to fixup :).

git fixup <command>

I would then go to fzf and look for commit based on the title, enter would return hash.

How did you hook it up at the end? a fuzzy-find for fixup sounds awesome!

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Antylon commented Oct 6, 2023

@ultrox @slerer
This article gives you a git alias that is exactly what you are after

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