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Created Feb 12, 2014
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heroku pipelinesを導入する


$ heroku labs:enable pipelines -a qnyp-ural-staging

Enabling pipelines for done
WARNING: This feature is experimental and may change or be removed without notice.
For more information see:

heroku cliにプラグインをインストールする。

$ heroku plugins:install git://


$ heroku pipeline:add qnyp-ural-production -a qnyp-ural-staging
Added downstream app: qnyp-ural-production


$ heroku pipeline -a qnyp-ural-staging
Pipeline: qnyp-ural-staging ---> qnyp-ural-production


$ git push staging master
git push staging master  0.03s user 0.05s system 0% cpu 1:10.47 total


$ heroku pipeline:diff -a qnyp-ural-staging
Comparing qnyp-ural-staging to qnyp-ural-production...done, qnyp-ural-staging ahead by 1 commit:
  c86aadb  2014-01-05  touch for pipelines test  (Junya Ogura)


$ heroku pipeline:promote -a qnyp-ural-staging
Promoting qnyp-ural-staging to qnyp-ural-production..........done, v244
heroku pipeline:promote -a qnyp-ural-staging  0.67s user 0.10s system 3% cpu 25.436 total
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