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# Checkout the repository from .org (must use “https”!)
svn co .
# Change directory to the trunk
cd trunk
# Clone the plugin files from Github
git clone .
# Change back to parent directory
cd ../
# Check the SVN status, you will see git files listed, we need them to not be seen by SVN
svn status
# Add SVN ignores to keep GIT out of your SVN repo on .org, the line break after .git is important
svn propset svn:ignore '.git
.gitignore' trunk
# Add this content to a ".gitignore" file to keep SVN out of your repo on Github
# Add everything to the SVN repo
svn add * --force
# Remove things if something went wrong
svn revert [filename]
# Create a tag to get started
svn copy trunk tags/1.0.4
# Commit the SVN where the username and password are from
svn --username [username] --password [password] commit -m 'initial commit'
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