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Track outbound links and form submits with Google Analytics Universal code
* Create a Tracker module for Google Analytics
* This tracker enables to track clicks on links and submits on forms. Usually
* these events will not be recorded as the window.location is changed and the
* request to Google Analytics is cancelled. This module prevents default
* behaviour, tracks the Google Analytics event and then continues the link/submit.
* Data attributes are used to augment the event with category/action/label values.
* Use them as "data-track-category", "data-track-action" and "data-track-label".
* Usage of the module: initiate the tracker with a selector matching all links/
* forms to be tracked. Example: var tracker = new Tracker('.tracking-link');
* @copyright 2014 Soflomo.
* @license BSD License
* @author Jurian Sluiman
var Tracker = (function(document, window){
/** Utility method to universally add listeners */
function addListener(element, type, callback) {
if (element.addEventListener) element.addEventListener(type, callback);
else if (element.attachEvent) element.attachEvent('on' + type, callback);
/** Utility method to track the event on an element */
function track(element, callback) {
var type = 'event', attrs = element.attributes, vars = ['category', 'action', 'label', 'value'],
options = {
'hitType': type,
'hitCallback': callback,
// Add event* properties to options object based on vars array
for (var i in vars) {
var name = vars[i], attr = attrs['data-track-' + name];
if (typeof(attr) !== 'undefined') {
options['event' + name.charAt(0).toUpperCase() + name.slice(1)] = attr.value;
ga('send', {
'hitType': type,
'eventCategory': attr['data-track-category'],
'eventAction': attr['data-track-action'],
'eventLabel': attr['data-track-label'],
'eventValue': attr['data-track-value'],
'hitCallback': callback
/** Add GA tracker to clicks on hyperlinks */
function attachToLink(element) {
addListener(element, 'click', function(e){
var href = this.href;
track(this, function(){
window.location.href = href;
/** Add GA tracker to submit of forms */
function attachToForm(element) {
addListener(element, 'submit', function(e){
var form = this;
track(this, function(){
var module = function (selector) {
// We do not initiate all the listeners when GA is not loaded
if (typeof ga === 'undefined') return;
var elements = document.querySelectorAll(selector),
length = elements.length;
for(i=0; i<length; i++) {
var element = elements[i];
switch(element.tagName.toLowerCase()) {
case 'a':
case 'form':
module.prototype = {
constructor: module
return module;
})(document, window);
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