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Created March 13, 2023 12:29
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JWT authentication implementation for python requests
import time
from json import JSONDecodeError
from typing import Dict
import requests
from requests import PreparedRequest, RequestException
from requests.auth import AuthBase
REQUEST_TIMEOUT = 30 # Seconds
class JWTAuthFailedAuthentication(Exception):
"""Raised when could not authenticate: not allowed or, credentials could be wrong."""
class JWTAuth(AuthBase):
"""A simple JWT Authentication mechanism to add `access_token` to a request.
JWTAuthFailedAuthentication: at request-time when authentication failed.
jwt_auth = JWTAuth(
'api_key': '<API_KEY>',
'api_secret': '<API_SECRET>',
requests.get(url, auth=jwt_auth)
def __init__(self, auth_url: str, api_payload: Dict):
self.auth_url = auth_url
self.api_payload = api_payload
self.access_token = None
self.access_token_expires = 0
self.refresh_token = None
self.refresh_token_expires = 0
def __call__(self, request: PreparedRequest):
"""Called by requests when a request is made, authenticates if no token or expired.
Sets the access token as Authorization Bearer.
assert self.access_token, 'empty access_token detected'
request.headers['Authorization'] = f'Bearer {self.access_token}'
return request
def authenticate(self):
"""Do authentication request if needed, returns False if not needed.
JWTAuthFailedAuthentication: credentials incorrect or response was malformed.
current_timestamp = int(time.time())
if self.access_token and self.access_token_expires > current_timestamp:
# Still valid access token, do nothing
return False
if self.access_token and self.access_token_expires < current_timestamp < self.refresh_token_expires:
# Access token expired but refresh token still valid, use refresh token
response =, timeout=REQUEST_TIMEOUT, json={'refresh_token': self.refresh_token})
# No tokens or expired, need an api key authentication
response =, timeout=REQUEST_TIMEOUT, json=self.api_payload)
json_data = response.json()
self.access_token = json_data['access_token']
self.access_token_expires = int(json_data['access_token_expires_at'])
self.refresh_token = json_data['refresh_token']
self.refresh_token_expires = int(json_data['refresh_token_expires_at'])
except RequestException as e:
raise JWTAuthFailedAuthentication(f'{e}: {json_data}') from e
except JSONDecodeError as e:
raise JWTAuthFailedAuthentication(
f'JWT authentication endpoint did not return valid json: {response.text}') from e
except KeyError as e:
raise JWTAuthFailedAuthentication(f'JWT authentication endpoint did not return all tokens: {e}') from e
return True # Required by pylint
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