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just3ws / .skhdrc
Created Nov 28, 2020
Yabai + SKHD config to emulate SizeUp
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# SizeUp: Send Window Left
ctrl + alt + cmd - left : yabai -m window --grid 1:2:0:0:1:1
# SizeUp: Send Window Right
ctrl + alt + cmd - right : yabai -m window --grid 1:2:1:0:1:1
# SizeUp: Send Window Up
ctrl + alt + cmd - up : yabai -m window --grid 2:1:0:0:1:1
# SizeUp: Send Window Down
just3ws / bohater-parkingu.yaml
Last active Jun 10, 2018
Bohater Parkingu API 1.0.1
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openapi: 3.0.0
- description: Bohater Parkingu Rates API
description: Parking rate for a given date and time range.
version: "1.0.1"
title: Bohater Parkingu API
just3ws / gogodoots.zsh
Created Mar 20, 2018
Script to easily run multiple queries for types of files and dump them to a simplified JSON string.
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#!/usr/bin/env zsh
# vim:set ft=zsh:
local word="$1"
local filter=".items[] | { repository: .full_name, username: .owner.login, reponame: .name, branch: .default_branch, description: .description }"
local query="q=$word in:path fork:false"
# local query="q=evil fork:false language:\"Emacs Lisp\""
echo -n '{"query": "'
echo -n "$query"
echo '"}'
just3ws / floodwall.rb
Last active Oct 13, 2017
Blocks that know where their towel is.
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# Rails.configuration.permit_automated_emails = true
class Floodwall
def initialize(context, bypass = false, **data, &action)
@context = context
@data = || {})
@permit = Rails.configuration.permit_automated_emails || bypass || false
Rails.logger.warn { 'Floodwall has been bypassed and will allow emails through' } if bypass
just3ws / methods.rb
Last active Oct 13, 2017
Methods and stuff
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class Foo
attr_reader :env
def initialize
@env = 'staging' # Rail.env
def bar
warninger(biz: 123, buz: 'Hello', baz:
just3ws / Enable Logging Insight in
Created Sep 15, 2017
Enable Logging Insight in Postgres
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vim /usr/local/var/postgres/postgresql.conf

At the end of the file add...

shared_preload_libraries 'pg_stat_statements,auto_explain' # Add settings for extensions here
just3ws / config-initializers-action_controller-notifications.rb
Created Sep 15, 2017
ActiveSupport Notification Subscribers for ActionController and ActiveRecord Events
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unless Rails.env.production?
ActiveSupport::Notifications.subscribe(/\A.*\.action_controller\z/) do |*args|
ts =
event =*args)
event_name, source_name ='.')
unless event_name == 'unpermitted_parameters'
log_file = "#{'_', '-')}-notifications.log"
logger ='log', log_file)))
just3ws / RSpec tags and opts for easier test
Created Aug 17, 2017
RSpec tags and opts for easier test execution
View RSpec tags and opts for easier test

To easily limit the execution of RSpec tests while you are developing use the power of the .rspec opts file and RSpec tags.

Tags can be added to any RSpec method describe, context, it, etc.

The are simply arguments passed as a Hash to the method.

describe 'foo', focus: true do
 context 'bar', slow: true do
View c-p-and-me.txt
just3ws /
Created Apr 19, 2017
Postgres EXPLAIN Lunch & Learn @ BenchPrep

Postgres EXPLAIN Lunch & Learn @ BenchPrep

EXPLAIN Explained video on YouTube

What EXPLAIN doesn't do

  • Tell you why a particular index isn't used
  • Explain how to rewrite your queries
  • Show what other factors make the DB slow
  • Tell you how much time the request took outside the DB