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RadioTray stream bookmarks with the following urls fixed: Latin->Onda Tropical, Latin->Suave, Classic Rock->181.FM Classic Hits, Pop / Rock->.977 The Hitz Channel, Pop / Rock->Enjoy Station, Chill->181.FM, Chill->Lounge Radio.
<group name="root">
<group name="Jazz">
<bookmark name="Smooth Jazz" url=""/>
<bookmark name=" Piano Jazz" url=""/>
<bookmark name=" Smooth Jazz" url=""/>
<bookmark name="Sonic Universe" url=""/>
<bookmark name="Blue FM" url=""/>
<bookmark name="The Breeze" url="mmsh://"/>
<group name="Latin">
<bookmark name="Onda Tropical" url=""/>
<bookmark name="Top Latino Radio" url=""/>
<bookmark name="Salsa Stream" url=""/>
<bookmark name="Reggaeton 24/7" url=""/>
<bookmark name="Suave" url=""/>
<group name="Classic Rock">
<bookmark name="181.FM Classic Hits" url=""/>
<bookmark name=".977 Classic Rock" url=""/>
<bookmark name="80s Sky.FM" url=""/>
<bookmark name="Covers" url=""/>
<group name="Classical">
<bookmark name="KDFC" url=""/>
<bookmark name="Classic FM" url=""/>
<bookmark name="WCPE" url=""/>
<bookmark name="CINEMIX" url=""/>
<bookmark name=" Soundtracks" url=""/>
<bookmark name=" Mostly Classical" url=""/>
<group name="Pop / Rock">
<bookmark name="Radio Paradise" url=""/>
<bookmark name=".977 The Hitz Channel" url=""/>
<bookmark name="Enjoy Station" url=""/>
<bookmark name=" Top Hits" url=""/>
<bookmark name="Indie Pop Rocks!" url=""/>
<bookmark name="PopTron" url=""/>
<group name="Oldies">
<bookmark name="AM 1710" url=""/>
<bookmark name="WNAR" url=""/>
<bookmark name=" Oldies" url=""/>
<group name="Chill">
<bookmark name="181.FM" url=""/>
<bookmark name="Lounge Radio" url=""/>
<bookmark name="Beat Blender" url=""/>
<bookmark name="Secret Agent" url=""/>
<bookmark name="Groove Salad" url=""/>
<bookmark name="Illinois Street Lounge" url=""/>
<group name="Country">
<bookmark name=" Country" url=""/>
<bookmark name="Boot Liquor" url=""/>
<bookmark name="US 181" url="mmsh://"/>
<bookmark name="Real Country" url="mmsh://"/>
<bookmark name="Highway 181" url="mmsh://"/>
<bookmark name="Country 108" url=""/>
<group name="Techno / Electronic">
<bookmark name="Drone Zone" url=""/>
<bookmark name="Space Station Soma" url=""/>
<bookmark name="cliqhop idm" url=""/>
<bookmark name="Black Rock FM" url=""/>
<bookmark name="New Dance Radio" url=""/>
<group name="Community">
<bookmark name="Jupiter Broadcast" url=""/>
<bookmark name="WCRS LPFM Columbus" url=""/>
<bookmark name="WBEZ" url=""/>
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