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Last active Jul 11, 2019
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You work for matrixgroupve (or similiar) and receive money for "working" on this faucet? We have good news for you - you are underpaid and can earn approximately TWICE MORE (real rate for 10 July is about 1000 BAN = 10000 VES) with three easy steps (below).

1. Make your own ban_... account

  1. Use official wallets: Kalium for iOS and Android or browser-based Install/open wallet of your choice, then create new account using instructions in wallet.
  2. Write down your SEED (string of 64 digits and letters) and/or your Secret phrase (15 words). Write it in safe place! If you lose your phone/computer - you can access your wallet on new device using Seed/Secret phrase. But if you lose your Seed and Secret phrase - you lose your money, forever.
  3. Never show your seed and Secret phrase to anybody. If somebody will know your seed or Secret phrase - he can stole your money from your wallet.
  4. Also, save your ban_... address - this is your address that you should give to persons who will send you Banano. Sharing ban_... adddress is safe, this is public info. Anybody can send you BANs to your ban_... address, but nobody can take BANs from there (because you never tell anybody your seed or secret phrase, see rule #3).
  5. It’s time to get some Banano. Go to, click “Faucet” in upper right corner and copy-paste your ban_... address there. Then solve captcha (if necessary) and click button. Faucet will send you some BANs.
  6. Switch back to your wallet. You should see that small amount of BANs incoming into your wallet. Usually it takes 2-3 seconds(!!!), try to refresh webpage or restart app if not.
  7. Now let's check that everything is saved OK. Erase wallet (remove/reinstall app, or clear browsed data, or use other browser, or use mobile instead of PC and vice versa) - it seems that you "lost" your address and all banano you had there, yes? No. You have your seed and secret phrase. Use "import seed" or "restore wallet from secret phrase" feature of your wallet, carefully type your seed/phrase... Tadaaam! Your ban_... address is back, and all banano are still there.

2. Play with your own address

Now return to faucet and use your ban_... address to play.

Do not play with ban_... address you got from somebody (because you have no seed for it and will not own/control banano on it, see rule #1.2).

Do not play with ban_... address of other person even he told you it seed - because that person also know the seed and can stole all banano you receive (see rule #1.3).

3. Sell your banano

  1. Find actual exchange rate (1 BAN = 12 VES at 1st July 2019) and trade Banano here:
  2. Join Banano Discord and exchange Banano to your currency directly, with other users, to your mobile phone
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GodBlock commented Jul 11, 2019

Hello Dear JustDimitry writes the general director of MAtrixGroupVE, Thank you for giving importance to my work Mr. dimitry, both you and I and everyone work with the objective of obtaining income, charges 0.00030000BTC 0.00015000BTC for tax, if a person gets 10000BAN or 14.50USD in the faucet and makes the exchange for these channels how much remains of profit? .0.0012 - 0.00045000 = 0.00075BTC. = 9USD, did you know that those who change them informally in the bazaar from BAN to VES, are ignoring that there is an exchange market. The VES are changed without going through an exchange channel, the question is why give away the VES. and because there are no exchanges of BAN for USD in the BAZAAR., I have an even more ambitious idea but I have not wanted to implement it yet. but we are working on it. not to harm bananocoin on the contrary I also want the currency to reach a very high level.
so that I make the currency known when people do not have the minimum idea of ​​what is cryptocurrency. and I tell him that most of those who enter my company carry out research and become independent after they create their wallets and it is there when my work allowed them to know Mr. Rene's currency. Now I admire his very professional work as well as David and Coranos. So my team and I are not hacking your website to try to steal tokens, our work is honest and professional although they try to say otherwise, I have made investment, time and money in training and this must have a return. % of BananoCoin creditors are thanks to my initiative of more than 2 years following the project. and if I was one of those who invested thousands of dollars in raiblocks and a bad move by Francisco Bomber Firano bandit I steal my coins. in a wait of years for a court to return these depreciated. but that is another issue, and thank you for your attention and give importance to what we do. Atte,, aaH GodBlock is a iniciative for my own criptocurrency...

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