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Even smaller 2048 in Perl !!!
sub Y{$p=$_;for$i(1..4){$p=join'',map{substr+($k&&$k-$i?$p:join'',map{s/@//g;s
16;for(`stty cbreak`;print"\e[2J\e[H";$_=Y map{$k=index+JDACB,getc}0..2){$k=0;
1until$r=0|rand 16,!/@/||s/(?<=^.{$r})@/rand>.1?A:B/e;printf'%4s|%s',/\w/&&1<<
(ord)-64,++$g%4?'':$/for/./g;last if$e=WIN x/K/||Y!~/@/&&LOSE}print$e # [2048]

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xiaobohaha Jun 27, 2015



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