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Tiny 2048
import os,tty;tty.setcbreak(0);M=['']*16
def G(v):
while u:z=u.pop();p[i]=u and z==u[-1]and 2*u.pop()or z;i-=1
return p
def Y(M,k):i=1;M=zip(*[iter(M)]*4);exec'M=map([list,G][i*k==k*k],zip(*M))[::-1];i+=1;'*4;return sum(M,[])
while 1:
while M[r%16]*r:r-=1
if r:M[r%16]=r%7%2*2+2
J="WIN"*(2048in M)or"LOSE"*all(Y(M,0));print'\x1b[2J\x1b[H'+('%4s|'*4+'\n')*4%tuple(M)+J
if J:break

Very impressive Jay!

cetanu commented Mar 21, 2014

dat golf

TankCool commented Apr 6, 2014



mehdico commented Apr 6, 2014

good. are you use any obfuscator or automatic code optimizer tool ?

ctian1 commented Apr 30, 2014

Is this for python 3.3? If not, can you make one?

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