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Convert Go strings to C-compatible strings for Windows API Calls
package win32
import "unicode/utf16"
// StringToCharPtr converts a Go string into pointer to a null-terminated cstring.
// This assumes the go string is already ANSI encoded.
func StringToCharPtr(str string) *uint8 {
chars := append([]byte(str), 0) // null terminated
return &chars[0]
// StringToUTF16Ptr converts a Go string into a pointer to a null-terminated UTF-16 wide string.
// This assumes str is of a UTF-8 compatible encoding so that it can be re-encoded as UTF-16.
func StringToUTF16Ptr(str string) *uint16 {
wchars := utf16.Encode([]rune(str + "\x00"))
return &wchars[0]
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