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Last active Aug 29, 2015
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Sample Tmuxinator configuration
# First brew install tmux, gem install tmuxinator, and download item2
# Copy this file here: ~/.tmuxinator/my_project.yml
# Modify the paths (replace ~/my_project with your directory)
# Invoke with
# mux project
# Then hit 'Ctrl-a d' to detach
# Then run 'tmux -CC attach'
# Make sure that option for iterm2 is General --> tmux --> When attaching, open unrecognized windows in Tabs
# Also, check option "Automatically hide the tmux client session after connecting"
# alias beg='bundle exec guard'
# define guard groups for spec, server, worker
name: project
pre_window: cd ~/my_project
root: ~/my_project
- zeus: zeus start
- spec: beg -g spec
- server: beg -g server
- worker:
layout: main-horizontal
- beg -g worker
- scheduler
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