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Create doc2vec model from data
from gensim.models.doc2vec import LabeledSentence
from os import listdir
from os.path import isfile, join
import gensim
import DocIterator as DocIt
import MySQLdb
docLabels = []
data = []
conn = MySQLdb.connect(host="XXXXX", user="XXXXX", passwd="XXXXX", db="XXXXX", charset="utf8")
cur = conn.cursor()
cur.execute('SELECT tweet_id, text from articles where publish_date > "2016-10-01"')
for row in cur:
docu = row[1].lower()
for char in ['.', '"', ',', '(', ')', '!', '?', ';', ':']:
docu = docu.replace(char, ' ' + char + ' ')
print("Examples: " + str(len(data)))
it = DocIt.DocIterator(data, docLabels)
#Doc2Vec(dm=1, dm_concat=1, size=100, window=5, negative=5, hs=0, min_count=2, workers=2),
#model = gensim.models.Doc2Vec(dm=1, dm_concat=1, size=50, window=5, negative=5, hs=0, min_count=2, workers=3, alpha=0.04, min_alpha=0.005) # use fixed learning rate
model = gensim.models.Doc2Vec(dm=1, dm_concat=1, size=100, window=5, negative=5, hs=0, min_count=2, workers=2)
for epoch in range(100):
print("Epoch " + str(epoch))
print(model.docvecs.most_similar(["782943325909291008"], topn=10))
print(model.docvecs.most_similar(["783641803358670848"], topn=10))
model.alpha -= 0.002 # decrease the learning rate
model.min_alpha = model.alpha # fix the learning rate, no deca
print(model.docvecs.most_similar(["782943325909291008"], topn=10))
print(model.docvecs.most_similar(["783641803358670848"], topn=10))"doc2vec.model")
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