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forwards generic relations
Cache the generic relation field of all the objects
in the queryset, using larger bulk queries ahead of time.
Improved from original by Daniel Roseman:
def cache_generics(queryset):
generics = {}
for item in queryset:
if item.object_id is not None:
generics.setdefault(item.content_type_id, set()).add(item.object_id)
content_types = ContentType.objects.in_bulk(generics.keys())
relations = {}
for ct, fk_list in generics.iteritems():
ct_model = content_types[ct].model_class()
relations[ct] = ct_model.objects.in_bulk(list(fk_list))
for item in queryset:
cached_val = relations[item.content_type_id][item.object_id]
except KeyError:
cached_val = None
setattr(item, '_content_object_cache', cached_val)
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BertrandBordage commented Nov 24, 2014

Excellent! Still working with Django 1.6.

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biermeester commented Jan 22, 2016

Still using this in Django 1.8!

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