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Sending a notification from emacs
;; Terminal notifier
;; requires 'sudo gem install terminal-notifier'
;; stolen from erc-notifier
(defvar terminal-notifier-command (executable-find "terminal-notifier") "The path to terminal-notifier.")
; (terminal-notifier-notify "Emacs notification" "Something amusing happened")
(defun terminal-notifier-notify (title message)
"Show a message with `terminal-notifier-command`."
(start-process "terminal-notifier"
"-title" title
"-message" message
"-activate" "org.gnu.Emacs"))
(defun timed-notification(time msg)
(interactive "sNotification when (e.g: 2 minutes, 60 seconds, 3 days): \nsMessage: ")
(run-at-time time nil (lambda (msg) (terminal-notifier-notify "Emacs" msg)) msg))
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