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Last active Aug 29, 2015
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Simple Composition Design
interface IObject
string Name { get; }
IObject Parent { get; }
void Add(string name, IComponent component);
void Add(IObject child);
void Remove(IObject child);
IComponent GetComponent(string name);
IEnumerable<IObject> GetChildren();
void SendMessage(string message, params object[] parameters);
interface IComponent
IObject Object { get; }
// A naieve implementation of SendMessage
public void SendMessage(string message, params object[] parameters)
var types = parameters.Select(a => a == null ? typeof(object) : a.GetType()).ToArray();
foreach (var component in this.components.Values)
var method = component.GetType().GetMethod(message, types);
if (method != null)
// Call methods on the component via reflection
method.Invoke(component, parameters);
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