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Last active October 20, 2022 21:12
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LND HTLC Interceptor in Rust
/// To use this demo:
/// - create a 3 node network in polar ( -- Alice, Bob and Carol
/// - Create channels between Alice and Carol, and between Alice and Bob.
/// - Create an invoice from Carol. Use the `decodepayreq` and `lookupinvoice` lncli commands to get preimage associated with Carol's invoice
/// - Run this program with Alice's LND credentials, and the preimage from step above. For instance:
/// `cargo run --example subscribe_htlcs 10003 /Users/justin/.polar/networks/2/volumes/lnd/alice/tls.cert /Users/justin/.polar/networks/2/volumes/lnd/alice/data/chain/bitcoin/regtest/admin.macaroon <preimage>`
/// - Have Bob pay the invoice via Polar UI
/// - This program should output HTLC information. Polar should print success message.
async fn main() {
let mut args = std::env::args_os();"not even zeroth arg given");
let host = args
.expect("missing arguments: host, port, cert file, macaroon file, preimage");
let port = args
.expect("missing arguments: port, cert file, macaroon file, preimage");
let cert_file = args
.expect("missing arguments: cert file, macaroon file, preimage");
let macaroon_file = args
.expect("missing arguments: macaroon file, preimage");
let preimage ="missing argument: preimage");
let host: String = host.into_string().expect("host is not UTF-8");
let port: u32 = port
.expect("port is not UTF-8")
.expect("port is not u32");
let cert_file: String = cert_file.into_string().expect("cert_file is not UTF-8");
let macaroon_file: String = macaroon_file
.expect("macaroon_file is not UTF-8");
let preimage = hex::decode(preimage.into_string().expect("preimage is invalid UTF-8")).unwrap();
// Connecting to LND requires only address, cert file, and macaroon file
let mut client = tonic_openssl_lnd::connect_router(host, port, cert_file, macaroon_file)
.expect("failed to connect");
let (tx, rx) = tokio::sync::mpsc::channel::<
let stream = tokio_stream::wrappers::ReceiverStream::new(rx);
let mut htlc_stream = client
.expect("Failed to call subscribe_invoices")
while let Some(htlc) = htlc_stream
.expect("Failed to receive invoices")
println!("htlc {:?}", htlc);
let response = tonic_openssl_lnd::routerrpc::ForwardHtlcInterceptResponse {
incoming_circuit_key: htlc.incoming_circuit_key,
action: 0, // this will claim the htlc
preimage: preimage.clone(), // this would be for a real preimage
failure_code: 0,
failure_message: vec![],
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