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Recovering from a lost BTCPay password w/o SMTP set up

You setup a btcpay server account, forgot to setup SMTP (or set it up wrong) and then forgot your password. Now you can't get back in. Here's how I recovered from this situation:

  1. Create a new user according to these instructions. But this isn't enough because (1) Your new user isn't a member of any stores and (2) for me at least this new user couldn't setup SMTP ...

  2. There is a postgres table called UserStore which tracks membership of users in stores. When you execute the following command in postgres

select * from "UserStore";

You will get see all memberships

           ApplicationUserId           |                 StoreDataId                  | Role  
  old-user-id                          | store-1-id                                   | Owner
  old-user-id                          | store-2-id                                   | Owner
  old-user-id                          | ...                                          | Owner

If you execute select "Id", "Email" from "AspNetUsers" you will see that your new user isn't a member in any Store b/c their Id doesn't appear anywhere in the table above.

If you want to only add the new user to certain stores, or if you have more than 2 users and don't want everyone to be a member of every store, you can simply execute the following query for each pair of (AspNetUsers.Id, UserStore.StoreDataId) pair you want to create a store membership for:

insert into "UserStore"
values ('<some>', '<some UserStore.StoreDataId>');

Or you can execute this query to add all users to all stores:

insert into "UserStore" ("ApplicationUserId", "StoreDataId", "Role" ) 
select "Id", "StoreDataId", 'Owner' from 
  (select "Id" from "AspNetUsers" 
     left join "UserStore" on "Id" = "ApplicationUserId" 
     where "ApplicationUserId" is Null
  ) as users_without_stores
  natural join 
  (select "StoreDataId" from "UserStore") as store_ids;
  1. (Optional) Go into "Server Settings > Users" in BTCPay web UI and remove the old admin user.
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