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Developing Power Apps in Fusion Teams
// Decorators for OpenAPI
[OpenApiOperation(operationId: "CreateRoutine", tags: new[] { "publisher", "routine" }, Summary = "Create a new routine", Description = "This creates a new routine", Visibility = OpenApiVisibilityType.Important)]
[OpenApiSecurity("function_key", SecuritySchemeType.ApiKey, Name = "x-functions-key", In = OpenApiSecurityLocationType.Header, Description = "API key to execute this endpoint")]
[OpenApiRequestBody(contentType: ContentTypes.ApplicationJson, bodyType: typeof(RoutineRequestMessage), Required = true, Example = typeof(RoutineRequestMessageExample), Description = "The request message payload for a routine")]
[OpenApiResponseWithBody(statusCode: HttpStatusCode.OK, contentType: ContentTypes.ApplicationJson, bodyType: typeof(RoutineResponseMessage), Example = typeof(RoutineResponseMessageExample), Summary = "200 response", Description = "This returns the response of 'OK'")]
[OpenApiResponseWithBody(statusCode: HttpStatusCode.InternalServerError, contentType: ContentTypes.ApplicationJson, bodyType: typeof(ErrorResponseMessage), Example = typeof(ErrorResponseMessageExample), Summary = "500 response", Description = "This returns the response of 'Internal Server Error'")]
// Decorators for OpenAPI
public async Task<IActionResult> CreateRoutineAsync(
[HttpTrigger(AuthorizationLevel.Function, HttpVerbs.Post, Route = "routines")] HttpRequest req,
ExecutionContext context,
ILogger log)
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