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Last active Nov 8, 2016
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ASP.NET Core Tips & Tricks
public class GlobalExceptionFilter : IExceptionFilter, IDisposable
private readonly ILogger _logger;
public GlobalExceptionFilter(ILoggerFactory logger)
if (logger == null)
throw new ArgumentNullException(nameof(logger));
this._logger = logger.CreateLogger("Global Exception Filter");
public void OnException(ExceptionContext context)
var response = new ErrorResponse()
Message = context.Exception.Message,
StackTrace = context.Exception.StackTrace
context.Result = new ObjectResult(response)
StatusCode = 500,
DeclaredType = typeof(ErrorResponse)
this._logger.LogError("GlobalExceptionFilter", context.Exception);

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@ctrl-brk ctrl-brk commented Nov 8, 2016

Tried to just copy/paste and use but there're couple issues.

  1. Dispose() is not implemented
  2. Where does ErrorResponse come from?


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