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node> redis.set("greeting", "Thank you, Brain, for building us redis-node-client")
node> redis.get("greeting", function(err, reply) { sys.puts(reply); })
node> Thank you, Brain, for building us redis-node-client
redis.get("greeting", function(err, reply) { sys.puts(typeof(reply)); })
node> object // oops, it's an object instead of string
redis.get("greeting", function(err, reply) { sys.puts(sys.inspect(reply)); })
// What's this? a buffer representation?
node> { '0': 84, '1': 104, '2': 97, '3': 110 ... , length: 51 }

juvenn commented May 8, 2010

What kind of object is the reply? It must have an toString method, so sys.puts could print the string; but why == comparison will be true, but === will be false? I'd expect == comparison will be false as well. And the inspected result seems it's ASCII encoded.

So we should first hard convert the reply to string, before we handle this string, right?


Buffer, for binary compatibility.


juvenn commented May 9, 2010

I see, thanks for confirming!

node.js api has documented buffer.toString(), my ignorance:

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