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memory_pickle backend for dogpile.cache
Memory Backend
Provides a simple dictionary-based backend.
from dogpile.cache.api import CacheBackend, NO_VALUE
import cPickle as pickle
except ImportError:
import pickle
class MemoryPickleBackend(CacheBackend):
"""A backend that uses a plain dictionary , but serializes and deserializes
the objects. This is done to achieve parity with other cache backends
where returned values are not the same object.
There is no size management, and values which
are placed into the dictionary will remain
until explicitly removed. Note that
Dogpile's expiration of items is based on
timestamps and does not remove them from
the cache.
from dogpile.cache import make_region
region = make_region().configure(
To use a Python dictionary of your choosing,
it can be passed in with the ``cache_dict``
my_dictionary = {}
region = make_region().configure(
def __init__(self, arguments):
self._cache = arguments.pop("cache_dict", {})
def get(self, key):
value = self._cache.get(key, NO_VALUE)
if value is not NO_VALUE:
value = pickle.loads( value )
return value
def get_multi(self, keys):
values = []
for key in keys :
values.append( self.get( key ) )
return values
def set(self, key, value):
pickled = pickle.dumps( value )
self._cache[key] = pickled
def set_multi(self, mapping):
for key,value in mapping.items():
pickled = pickle.dumps( value )
self._cache[key] = pickled
def delete(self, key):
self._cache.pop(key, None)
def delete_multi(self, keys):
for key in keys:
self._cache.pop(key, None)
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