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Created November 14, 2017 23:31
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#!/bin/bash -e
function finish {
echo 'Removing test environment'
echo '---'
docker-compose down --rmi 'local' --volumes
trap finish EXIT
function main() {
# Generate reports folders locally
mkdir -p spec/reports features/reports
function startConjur() {
echo 'Starting Conjur environment'
echo '-----'
docker-compose pull conjur postgres
docker-compose build --pull tester
docker-compose up -d conjur
function runTests() {
echo 'waiting for Conjur to come up...'
docker-compose run --rm tester ./ci/
local api_key=$(docker-compose exec -T conjur rails r "print Credentials['cucumber:user:admin'].api_key")
echo 'Running tests'
echo '-----'
docker-compose run --rm \
-e CONJUR_AUTHN_API_KEY="$api_key" \
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