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> On Feb 1, 2011, at 6:10 AM, Ed Randall wrote:
> As I see it we have two options.
> 1) Do nothing, continue with the Oracle Hudson branch.
> 2) Put in a bit of effort and go with Jenkins.
> The first option will be a lot easier to "sell" to my management.
> One problem that we've encountered frequently in the past with Hudson
> is stability after upgrades.
This will be one of the areas of primary focus for Sonatype and when the rename happens
today we will begin the process of merging most of our stabilization work back to Hudson.
This will take a bit of time because we stepped off the train to decide how and who we wanted
to continue working with. I think this whole situation is unfortunate, but ultimately Kohsuke
has the right, like everyone else, to do what he feels is right. I honestly do not believe
what has happened is in the best interest of users, but this is my opinion
and only time will tell.
If anyone is interested in the work to be done on Hudson the lists should be up,
the @hudsonci twitter account will be very active, and I'll have a series of blog posts
about the work Sonatype is planning to contribute, a critique of the current architecture,
and proposed roadmap. While I'm sure we're not going to be very popular in the short term,
continuing the Hudson with Oracle is what we feel is best. Our goals and motives have not
changed since the first time I posted about Sonatype's potential involvement. We care about
the IP, the provenance of the code, the stability of the core, helping to create a new
architecture while maintaining backward compatibility, create great Maven integration and
create a commercial product. We've done a lot of work for enterprise users and we hope to
share this with the Hudson community as soon as we can.
I believe it is truly regrettable what has happened, but life goes on and I'm sure both
projects will do well catering to their users.
Jason van Zyl

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mdiskin commented Feb 1, 2011

As an early adopter of the Sonatype Studio I've already provided by feedback to my sales contact that as things stand right now we'll probably drop the studio and go to Nexus Pro so we can stay on full community supported version with probably the cloudbees offering for a supported/stable release. I'm still using the Matrix 1.0 and we'll continue to do so for the remainder of the supported period unless the divide between the two versions becomes too great. I'm guessing that the other matrix customers may feel otherwise or have yet to comment and that's factoring into your decision.

I'm a big fan of the maven ecosystem and want yourself and sonatype to succeed - I was hoping that cloudbees and sonatype would be a join venture and we'd get the best of both worlds.


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jvanzyl commented Feb 1, 2011

We're focused on backward compatibility, stability, and good overall integration with tools like Eclipse and Nexus. We encourage all users to pick what's best for them. I have no doubt Jenkins will be a good piece of software.


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mdiskin commented Feb 1, 2011

I feel both your products and Jenkins are great products and provide some first class features; that's why we are customers willing to pay into the continued innovation. I'm waiting to see if Oracle will bring something special back to the hudson or leave it to folks like sonatype to keep the lights on for them.


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foogoof commented Feb 9, 2011

I smell a buyout.

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