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jvcleave /
Created Jan 1, 2017 — forked from dulacp/
Download & Compile Libpng for iOS (all architectures)
# Builds a Libpng framework for the iPhone and the iPhone Simulator.
# Creates a set of universal libraries that can be used on an iPhone and in the
# iPhone simulator. Then creates a pseudo-framework to make using libpng in Xcode
# less painful.
# To configure the script, define:
# IPHONE_SDKVERSION: iPhone SDK version (e.g. 8.1)
# Then go get the source of the libpng you want to build, shove it in the
# same directory as this script, and run "./". Grab a cuppa. And voila.
jvcleave / Cross compiler for RPi, Jessie, openFrameworks 0.9
Last active Oct 25, 2016
Instructions for building a Jessie VM to cross-compile openFrameworks 0.9 applications for the Raspberry Pi 1 (arm6)
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#ON THE RPI (if you haven't downloaded openFrameworks)
curl -O
mkdir openFrameworks
tar vxfz of_v20151008_linuxarmv6l_nightly.tar.gz -C openFrameworks --strip-components 1
cd /home/pi/openFrameworks/scripts/linux/debian
sudo ./
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