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Last active March 31, 2021 16:17
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ECHO What's your favorite color in this list?
ECHO - Black - Gray
ECHO - Blue - Light Blue
ECHO - Green - Light Green
ECHO - Aqua - Light Aqua
ECHO - Red - Light Red
ECHO - Purple - Light Purple
ECHO - Yellow - Light Yellow
ECHO - White - Bright White
SET /P color=^>
IF "%color%"=="" (
GOTO defineColor
) ELSE (
IF /I "%color%"=="black" SET colorCode=0f
IF /I "%color%"=="blue" SET colorCode=1f
IF /I "%color%"=="green" SET colorCode=2f
IF /I "%color%"=="aqua" SET colorCode=3f
IF /I "%color%"=="red" SET colorCode=4f
IF /I "%color%"=="purple" SET colorCode=5f
IF /I "%color%"=="yellow" SET colorCode=60
IF /I "%color%"=="white" SET colorCode=70
IF /I "%color%"=="gray" SET colorCode=80
IF /I "%color%"=="light blue" SET colorCode=9f
IF /I "%color%"=="light green" SET colorCode=a0
IF /I "%color%"=="light aqua" SET colorCode=b0
IF /I "%color%"=="light red" SET colorCode=cf
IF /I "%color%"=="light purple" SET colorCode=d0
IF /I "%color%"=="light yellow" SET colorCode=e0
IF /I "%color%"=="bright white" SET colorCode=f0
IF "%colorCode%"=="" (
ECHO This program can't handle this color.
) ELSE (
COLOR %colorCode%
ECHO Here's a nice %color% for you!
ECHO Do you want to try another one? (y/N)
SET /P retry=^>
IF /I "%retry%"=="y" GOTO defineColor
IF /I "%retry%"=="yes" GOTO defineColor
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