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Do a weird thing with the stack in C
#include <stdio.h>
void set_strings(char*** strings) {
char* strs[] = {"banana"};
*strings = strs;
int main() {
char** strings;
printf("First print: '%s'\n", strings[0]);
char* s = "abc";
printf("Second print: '%s'\n", strings[0]);

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@nitrix nitrix commented Dec 19, 2013

Reading your blog post, I had to leave a comment and try to help you there. There is no such thing as stack or heap in C. Instead, there is 4 storage duration: automatic, allocated, static and thread. This code has undefined behavior and is bound to fail on most platforms in most scenarios. You should not be surprised.

Another detail, the fact you have a 3-star pointer line #3 tells me you have a biased understanding of pointers.
You should get a good book like K&R and work through the exercises. Keep it up (:

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