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Created March 24, 2018 18:37
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Talks I'd love to see at RustConf

hi! I'm on the RustConf program committee this year, so here is a quick list of talks I'd be interested in seeing submitted. These are just things I personally think are interesting and I certainly don't represent the program committee as a whole :). As of today I haven't seen talk proposals about any of these!

introduce a small part of the Rust compiler

I imagine a lot of Rust developers have never read any of the code in the Rust compiler (I haven't!). And I know the language is trying to bring in more contributors! So I think an awesome talk could be:

  • pick a small part of the Rust compiler (maybe a part you've contributed to!)
  • explain how it works!
  • briefly talk about opportunities for contributing to Rust RFCs today that involve that part of the compiler!

explain how a popular Rust library works!

Is there a Rust library you love and that has made really interesting/unusual implementation choices? Explain what those choices are! What's the secret sauce that makes that library interesting? I'm personally especially interested in talks about libraries by folks other than the primary maintainer (maybe you're not the primary maintainer, but it's a library you really love and have contributed to a little bit!)

explain an important systems concept using Rust

Did you write a database? Some high-performance networking code? I imagine a lot of folks at RustConf are interested in systems development in general (I am!!) and I think a talk that uses Rust to explain important systems development ideas would be GREAT. A few ideas for topics that I'd like to see:

interop & cross-platform code

interoperating with C code and writing cross-platform code are super important but I feel like I haven't seen that many resources about how to work with C libraries effectively in Rust. I feel like it's very easy to write sketchy Rust bindings for a C library and I'd love to see some best practices here!

Two talks I'd love to see:

  • a guide to best practices/common mistakes writing cross-platform Rust code.
  • a guide to wrapping a C library in Rust, maybe using an example of some existing Rust C bindings that are exceptionally well implemented
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