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module Main where
import Control.Monad
import Data.IORef
--import Debug.Trace
import System.Mem.Weak
import qualified Data.Map as M
import Prelude hiding (lookup)
class Copy a where
copy :: a -> a
instance Copy Int where
copy x = fromIntegral $ toInteger x -- I'm sure there is a better way to force a copy
data WeakMap k a = WeakMap (IORef (M.Map k a))
empty :: IO (WeakMap k a)
empty = liftM WeakMap $ newIORef M.empty
lookup :: (Ord k) => k -> WeakMap k a -> IO (Maybe a)
lookup k (WeakMap ref) = liftM (M.lookup k) $ readIORef ref
delete :: (Ord t) => t -> WeakMap t t1 -> IO ()
delete k (WeakMap ref) = modifyIORef ref (M.delete k)
insert :: (Copy a, Ord a) => a -> t -> WeakMap a t -> IO ()
insert k v wm@(WeakMap ref) = do
let k' = copy k
modifyIORef ref (M.insert k' v)
addFinalizer k (delete k' wm) -- do I need to use the key copy here?
--addFinalizer k (trace ("finalizer called on: " ++ show k') delete k' wm) -- do I need to have the key copy here?
main :: IO ()
main = do
wm <- empty
let myKey = 1
insert myKey "myStuff" wm
mapM (testInsert wm) ([2..100000]::[Int])
lookup myKey wm >>= print -- this key stayed around
lookup 6 wm >>= print -- this key was GC'd so isn't in the map
testInsert wm k = insert k "asdf" wm
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