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@jw3126 jw3126/so3.jl
Created Oct 5, 2018

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Haar Measure of distance Ball SO(3)
using StatsBase
using LinearAlgebra
using StatPlots
using Plots
using Rotations
function sample_angles(N)
map(1:N) do _
rot = rand(RotMatrix{3})
N_bins = 100
N_samples = 10^5
wts = weights(fill(1.,N_samples))
edges = range(0,stop=pi,length=N_bins)
h = fit(Histogram, sample_angles(N_samples), wts, edges, closed=:left)
pdf(angle) = 1 - cos(angle)
plot(title="Pdf angle of rotation Haar Measure")
plot!(rad2deg.(edges)[2:end], N_bins*normalize!(h.weights,1), label="simulation")
plot!(rad2deg.(edges), pdf.(edges), label="pdf")
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