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Last active February 4, 2022 23:07
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Wordle Solver Bookmarklet Code
// Define an anonymous function
javascript:(function() {
// Check if you're actually on the Wordle page
if( == "" && window.location.pathname == "/wordle/") {
// Get the page's game object (#1)
let game = document.body.getElementsByTagName("game-app")[0];
// Check if the game is finished
if(game.gameStatus != "IN_PROGRESS") {
window.alert("Game is already finished.");
// Input the game's solution into the board (#2 and #3)
// Tell the game you actually inputted 5 letters (#4)
game.tileIndex = 5;
// Submit the inputted guess (#5)
} else {
window.alert("You are currently not on the Wordle website.");
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