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Getting Good at Vim

I have used Vim to write code for about a year, and I can confidently say that Vim does two things for me well. The most obvious thing is that it cuts down on my text editing time. If you consider the amount of time you spend highlighting with the mouse and then returning back to the keyboard to edit text, daily, over the course of a year that time begins to adds up.

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<!DOCTYPE html>
<style type="text/css">
html {
background-image: url(;
background-size: cover;
body {
padding: 0;
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var sys = require('child_process');
function commandExists(cmd) {
var exists = false;
sys.exec(cmd, function(err) {
if(err === null) // of maybe: if(!err instanceof Error)
exists = true;
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error: Error running command start
error: Nodejitsu Error (500): Internal Server Error
error: There was an error while attempting to deploy the app
error: tar exited with code: 2
error: Error output from Haibu:
error: Error: tar exited with code: 2
error: at ChildProcess.Tar.init (/root/haibu-orchestra/node_modules/haibu/lib/haibu/repositories/tar.js:58:26)
error: at ChildProcess.EventEmitter.emit (events.js:91:17)
View mongoose-single-subdoc.js
// mongoose doesn't like single embedded schemas
// it likes them as arrays of an embedded schema
// so this is a cheater hack to fake a single subdoc
// it creates a field named `_yourField` and a virtual named `yourField`
// and it makes sure the array keeps just one element in it
var models = require('models')
, ChildSchema = models.ChildSchema
, singleSubdoc = require('mongoose-single-subdoc');
View mongoose-unique-ref.js
module.exports = function(schema, options) {
schema.method('addUniqueRef', function(field, item) {
if(this[field].indexOf(item) < 0) this[field].push(item);
schema.method('removeUniqueRef', function(field, item) {
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var mongoose = require('mongoose');
module.exports = exports = function(schema, options) {
schema.method('massAssign', function(fields) {
for(var i in schema.tree) {
if(schema.tree[i].protect || fields[i] == null) continue;
this[i] = fields[i];
schema.static('massAssign', function(fields) {
View singleSubDoc.js
models.util = {
singleSubDoc: function(schema, virtualName) {
var realName = '_' + virtualName;
.get(function() {
if(this[realName].length) return this[realName][0];
else return null;
.set(function(value) {
this[realName] = [value];
helpers =
test: (templateName) ->
addHelpers = (handlebars) -> handlebars.registerHelper name, fn for name, fn of helpers
# server-side
if module? && module.exports?
module.exports = addHelpers
class My.Model extends Backbone.Model
sync: (method, model, options) ->
if xhr = this["_#{method}Xhr"]
this["_#{method}Xhr"] = Backbone.sync method, model, options
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