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It's our birthday!

This month's JSLA will be at the Google office in Venice, Thursday March 28th @ 7pm. There will a presentation on browserify v2 from @substack himself, and a short JavaScript Made Simple talk on arrays. Don't forget to RSVP, Google won't let you in if you're not on the list.



Our sponsor this month is M-go. They are hiring for several front-end, mobile, and devops positions:

Browserify V2 and You (nix)

Browserify lets you use node-style require() calls to load files and npm modules in the browser (it's awesome).

The recent browserify v2 rewrite embraces streaming APIs, lots of tiny modules all doing exactly one thing well, and timeless unix wisdom. Now you can bundle static assets with source transforms, generate compact bundles with standalone streaming pipeline tools, trivially test your modules in node and against every browser ever and other superpowers all with a new very tiny bundle filesize overhead that supports multiple bundles.

Finally the sublime wisdom of node and unix can be realized all the way up the stack in browsers too.

JavaScript Made Simple: Hip Hop Array!

Presented by: Jonny Kang

Short talk on arrays in javascript. For our series, Javascript Made Simple.


After the talks we will be heading down the street to The Firehouse. Come catch up with other JSLA folks, it's our birthday after all!


The JSLA team.

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