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@jxson /ci woes
Created Nov 17, 2010

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$ cd ~/clients
$ DISPLAY=:1; bundle exec cucumber features/web-client/test.feature --format progress
Using the default profile...
(::) failed steps (::)
unable to obtain stable firefox connection in 60 seconds (Selenium::WebDriver::Error::WebDriverError)
./features/web-client/step_definitions/elements.rb:4:in `evaluate_script'
./features/web-client/step_definitions/web.rb:53:in `__instance_exec_609716008'
features/web-client/test.feature:10:in `And I am logged in as "Santo"'
Failing Scenarios:
cucumber features/web-client/test.feature:17 # Scenario: view the feed
1 scenario (1 failed)
4 steps (1 failed, 2 skipped, 1 passed)

hi, jxson!

do you remember what you did to solve this issue?

I'm having the same problem while running a cucumber suite in linux, in my hudson CI environment, and I've seen nothing about it on the net =/.



jxson commented Dec 31, 2010

Hey rodrigues,

yeah, getting this going was kinda silly.

I think the missing piece in this gist was making sure tightvnc was running and:

export DISPLAY=:1 &&

without the export your tests wont be able to run properly, this link might help you out too:

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