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Last active April 13, 2021 21:37
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My current "saved replies" on GitHub -- for first-timers-only engagement

GitHub lets you save boilerplate comment replies -- not because we need to be robots, but because sometimes it's hard to be extra kind when you're darting back and forth through lots of issues, and briefly checking in on people throughout the day!

You can add these to your account here:

I license these CC-Zero and release them Public Domain, and if you have others to add to this list, please fork and ping me!

Also note that the titles below are just what show in your menu - they're not actually part of the reply.

Are you stuck?

Hi, just checking if you've gotten stuck on this at all, or if I could help in any way? Thanks!

Needs rebase

Hi, it looks like, since we recently merged in some new changes to the master branch, you need to rebase your work on top of the latest master. You can do that by following the process outlined here, but you may be able to skip step 2 if your master is still in sync with publiclab's master: Thanks!

No time at the moment

Hi, I'm sorry, I'm currently doing some other work, but will have time soon to circle back and look at this. Thanks for your patience!

Please open a PR

Hi, do you think you could commit your code and open a pull request so we can get a look at your code? Our TravisCI service will automatically run tests on your changes, as well, so that'll be helpful to see, too. Thanks!

Thanks, merging and here's more

Hi -- this looks perfect; merging now. If you're looking for a new challenge, please take a look at our help-wanted list: Thanks!

We'd love your help, and how did you find us?

We'd love your help on this and are happy to offer any assistance you might need. Thanks a lot! Just curious -- we're trying to improve our outreach to new contributors -- how did you happen to hear about us?

Make this a first-timers-only issue!

This has been marked as a good candidate for becoming a first-timers-only issue like these, meaning that it's simple, self-contained, and with some extra formatting, could be a great entry point for a new contributor. If you're familiar enough with this code, please consider reformatting or reposting it as a first-timers-only issue, and then ping @jywarren to get it labelled. Or, if this is not your first time, try to solve it yourself!


Also see my saved reply for first-timers-only issues:

Help break this up!

This issue (labelled as break-me-up) is a combination of several smaller, self-contained issues which are inter-related. You can help by:

  • choosing one and breaking it out into its own issue (leaving a comment here to reference back)
  • helping to flesh out sub-issues so that they're easier to solve
  • helping to break up the larger issue into more discrete parts so it can be solved one-by-one
  • solving one of these sub-issues

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