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k0kubun/bench_dsd.rb Secret

Last active Sep 15, 2019
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require 'benchmark_driver'
Benchmark.driver do |x|
x.prelude <<~EOS
# frozen_string_literal: true
@world = 'world'
EOS 'array', %q{
buf = []
buf << @world.to_s
buf << 'hello, '
buf << @world.to_s
} 'hybrid', %q{
buf = []
buf << "#{@world}hello, #{@world}"
Warming up --------------------------------------
array 3.387M i/s - 3.518M times in 1.038515s (295.23ns/i)
hybrid 3.702M i/s - 3.714M times in 1.003258s (270.12ns/i)
Calculating -------------------------------------
array 3.599M i/s - 10.161M times in 2.823170s (277.83ns/i)
hybrid 3.840M i/s - 11.106M times in 2.892639s (260.45ns/i)
hybrid: 3839502.9 i/s
array: 3599286.1 i/s - 1.07x slower
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