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Vue.js + ES6
<div id="demo">
<h1>{{bob.fields.firstName}} {{bob.fields.lastName}}</h1>
<ul id="humans-list">
<li v-repeat="humans">
{{fields.firstName}} {{fields.lastName}}
class Human {
constructor (arg={firstName:"John", lastName:"Doe"}) {
this.fields = arg;
get (fieldName) {
return this.fields[fieldName];
set (fieldName, value) {
this.fields[fieldName] = value;
return this;
class Demo extends Vue {
constructor () {
var properties = {
el: '#demo',
data: {
bob: new Human({firstName:"Bob", lastName:"Morane"})
class HumansList extends Vue {
constructor (collection) {
this.collection = collection;
el: "#humans-list", data: collection
let demo = new Demo()
let humansList = new HumansList({
new Human(),
new Human({firstName:"Jane", lastName:"Doe"})

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@hendrysadrak hendrysadrak commented Jun 3, 2016

Isn't "super()" supposed to be before "this"? File main.js, line 30-31.


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@rajsharma1612 rajsharma1612 commented May 25, 2017

@hendrysadrak yes you are right.

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